Flaw of the Day – Another Splice!

Twice in a week, this time with grasscloth. It’s hard to see in the photo, but a new sheet has been patched in on the left.

Even with the rough texture of grasscloth, the paper used to hold the two sheets together would cause a visible bump the 36″ width of the strip. This meant I lost about two full strips, because of where the patch fell, in the middle of the bolt.

Also, note that the original strip on the right shows where the black ink from the front of the paper came off onto the backing. On the left, you see no ink. This tells me that there is a drastic difference between the paper on the first half of the roll, and the paper that was patched in at the second half of the roll. These are likely to look VERY different on the wall.

Even though people expect “paneling” in grasscloth (visible difference in apperance between strips), no way was I going to use the second half of this roll.

Luckily the client had bought enough paper that I could use fresh, unblemished, unpatched rolls to finish the job.


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