All It Takes Is a Little Bubble Wrap!

This Thibaut paper had to be sent back to the manufacturer, causing a delay for the homeowner, who was counting on having her dining room finished this week, and screwing up my work schedule, since now I have to juggle clients and jobs and try to find a 2-day slot where I can finish this room, once the replacement paper arrives, not to mention my lost revenue for today.


All because the manufacturer / distributor didn’t take the time, trouble, and expense to put 40c worth of bubble wrap in the box, to protect this lady’s THOUSAND DOLLARS’ worth of wallpaper.

Bashed and edges are the result, and yes, it WILL show on the wall. Unfortunately, this is pretty common.

Thibaut, shame on you!


Note:  The replacement paper arrived a couple of week later, with a note on the shipping lable and with bubble wrap carefully placed around the ends of the rolls.

The install went well and the homeowners are thrilled.  I posted photos a week or so ago.

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