Stay Away from Solid Vinyl in Humid Bathrooms

OK, this isn’t a blanket statement, but in general, I advise people to avoid “solid vinyl” wallcoverings, especially in rooms with a lot of humidity, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

The reason is that these papers have a porous backing that seems to absorb moisture from the air. When moisture is absorbed, the backing of the wallpaper expands, forcing the paper to curl away from the wall and toward the front, as you see in the photo.

This is not loose paper, and cannot be repasted or stuck back down. It is hard curled edges of paper that want to stay just where they are.

“Vinyl-coated” or “uncoated” papers are a better choice for humid areas.

Be aware that solid vinyls are fairly washable, while vinyl-coated and uncoated papers are not. Hopefully, you won’t have people putting their hands on your walls or squirting hair spray willy-nilly, so washability shouldn’t be a concern. However, having paper that stays stuck to your wall for years to come¬†should be a concern.

So please steer away from solid vinyls, and go with other types of paper.

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