Copper Metalic Grasscloth on Bookshelves

This is a look that’s really catching on, using textured grasscloth to back bookshelves.

I like the color of this paper a lot. The warm copper/bronze/black tones really set off the dark metalic items sitting on the shelves.

This paper is by Thibaut.

Note the seam down the middle.  These shelves were just a hair over 36″ wide.  Since grasscloth comes 36″ wide, it would not cover the space with one sheet.  So I trimmed the lengths to two strips, each 19.5″ wide.  This created equal sized sheets, with a seam smack in the middle.

The technique also required the homeowner to buy an extra double roll of paper, in order to get the fourth full-length strip.  I could have done the job without that extra strip, but then I would not have been able to cut equal-width pieces, and the seams would have been at odd locations.

Since the seams of grasscloth are so visible (called “paneling”), it’s much better to spend a little more and have enough paper so the seams/ panels can be plotted to land where they look best.

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