More on Shading in Grasscloth

Here is another shot showing shading not just between different strips, but within the same strip. You can see that the two strips match pretty well at the bottom of the wall. But as you go up the wall, on the left-hand strip, there is a definate horizontal line, marking where darker fibers were installed on the goods, and were lighter fibers were placed above them.

When strips are going to touch each other, I try to cut them all from the same roll. But because of the shading even within a roll, as described above, you still can’t guarantee that all the strips will be uniform.

Good thing that this is part of the “inherent beauty of the natural materials.” 🙂 Honestly, most people don’t mind at all, and even welcome the look. And besides, once the room is put back together, there will be furniture and artwork covering much of the walls anyway, disguising some of the seams and taking the focus off the paper and onto the other decorative elements in the room.

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