Flaw of the Day – Banged Edges, Dirty Edges, Spot, Blob

I hung this same paper a few weeks ago, and blogged about it. The first shipment of that order, the patern match was off, so we had to send the paper back and get a new run.

Today, this batch matches just fine. But there are a few issues … For starters, my never-ending rant about banged edges. This paper was shipped in a bag, not a box, and with no cushioning around the ends of the rolls. On a thinner paper, the banged edges usually pull flat to the wall and disappear, and with a busier pattern, they are not so noticeable

But with this very plain pattern, and the thick “non-woven” substrate, the banged edges are fairly visible. Still, these are relatively minor, and not noticeable when viewed from a distance – plus, the homeowner was very eager to finally get her bedroom finished and back together – so I went ahead and hung this paper.

The first pic shows not a banged edge, but a weird impression – probably done at the factory by something pressing into the material, or possibly during shipping. Whatever it was, the imprint is pretty visible, if you ask me. I was able to cut around a few of these imprints, but had to put a few on the wall, because there was precious little paper to play with.

In the second photo, there is a weird blob in the material. I think that something pressed against the paper during processing, and pooched that area out a little, as it seemed to have delaminated from the backing. It was farily low on the wall, and not real major, so I left this strip in place.

In the second photo, also, you can see that the seams on this thick, somewhat spongy non-woven paper are fairly visible, depending on the lighting. This was a little bothersome to the homeowner on my previous job.

A few weeks ago, I bid a job where the homeowner was looking at another thick, spongy, plain (no pattern) paper, and I told her that the seams would probably be equally visible. She listened, and decided against that sort of paper, looking instead for a thinner material printed on traditional substrate (as opposed to these new “green” non-woven materials).

People often remark that I’m too picky. But I DO see these things, even if the homeower does not. And I think that if you are spending a lot of money for the paper, and paying me good money to put it up, then you ought to get top-quality merchandise, not stained or bashed goods. Likewise, I have the responsibility to do my very best to be sure it’s put up properly and cleanly.

Moving on.

In the third photo, you see how even a small banged edge does show up when the strip is placed next to another on the wall. In addition, there is a teeny blue dot on strip on the left – lower right quadrant. This wasn’t too noticeable.

However, the first strip I put up had two brown smudges on the right edge, and they DID show up, when the next strip was placed next to it. I had to pull it down and replace it. We were very tight with paper on this job, but luckily there was enough to replace this one strip. And you can bet that I counted and measured and plotted, before going ahead and ripping that stained strip off!

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