Grasscloth is a natural product, made from real grass and fibers, and not two pieces of grass are the same, nor are any two strips of grasscloth the same. This means there is no pattern, no repeat, and absolutely no way to match the pattern.

However, Thibaut, the manufacturer of this particular paper, has included a label listing a “Straight Across” match, and an “18” Pattern Repeat.” !! 😮

While the flip side of the label is specific to grasscloth (second photo), the front is obviously a generic label they slapped on.

We got a laugh out of this, but the thing is, this is quite frustrating. These days there are so many different kinds of papers out there, on different substrates, and so many pastes that can be used, it’s important to get accurate information and recommendations from the manufacturer. If they’re slapping on generic labels, how can I be sure the info they provide applies accurately to the product in my hands?

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