Trends in Wallpaper – A School Project

I received an odd-and-somewhat-frustrating phone call today.  I answered the call, and a teenaged gal-sounding voice asked what sounded like, “Is this Joan?”  I said, “No, sorry, no Joan here.”  But I sensed that this was a call about wallpaper, rather than a wrong number, so I ventured, “Are you calling about wallpaper?”  She said yes, and then asked, “What are the three top best sellers you have?”

To which I repied, “Well, I’m an installer, not a seller, so….”  and before I could get out any more, or offer to help her, she said, “OK, then.  I’ll call Lowe’s.”  (It first had sounded like “Joan,” but she had said “Lowe’s.”)

Gee whiz!  I managed to stop her before she hung up.  I pretty well guessed what she was wanting to know, and why, but I thought she could have gone about it a little better.  Still, being so young, she just didn’t have a lot of experience in dealing with people, stores, projects, that sort of thing.  I guess I could have just hung up and gone about my day, but I wanted to help this gal.  So I asked, “Are you working on school project, or an art class, or something like that?”

She said yes, and then I finally began to draw a little more information out of her.   But first I couldn’t help but start off with a little lecture – a gentle lecture.  “You know, you would do better to start off by introducing yourself, and then explaining quickly what you are wanting to know and why.  I don’t sell wallpaper, but I can help you if you want to know about trends and styles.  And I can guarantee that if you call Lowe’s and simply ask, “What are your three top selling wallpapers?” that the operator won’t have a clue what you’re talking about, and even if you get to the wallpaper department, which also sells window blinds and floor tiles, it’s not likely that there would be anyone there who could answer such a question.   I wanted the young lady to know that an introduction and a brief explanation of her project would be a better way to get the information she seeks.

So I got her to talk about her project a little bit, some sort of art or design class (she’s interested in design types, not types of material used in constructing,  wallpaper), and then I was able to answer her question, and she hung up happy.

So, what ARE the top three types of wallpaper people want these days?  The first two were easy:

– Big Bold Graphics

– Grasscloth

For No. 3, I thought a little, then said       – Retro Patterns, such as the 1960’s & ’70’s.

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