Cutting a Border from Striped Wallpaper

Borders aren’t as popular as they were some years back, but there are still many rooms where a border works well to complete the look. I, personally, don’t care for borders around the ceiling, but I do find that they work well at the 3′ height, in place of a wooden chair rail.

Usually the bottom is papered or painted a darker color, which works well because the darker color is “heavier” and works best on the bottom by “weighting” it.

That’s what I did today.  The top of the laundry room was papered in a cheerful yellow Thibaut paper with playful drawings of clothing.   The bottom 1/3 had been painted a dark green. Something had to go between the wallpaper and the paint.

Since this pattern did not have a coordinating border, the homeowner got the idea to find a striped paper in colors that went with the wallpaper, and cut a border from the striped paper.

So that’s what I did, and that’s what you see at above. Cutting the border from the roll of paper is a matter of having a sharp blade, a straight edge that won’t slip, a keen eye, and a fair amoung of patience.

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