Wallpaper Murals and Southern Charm

The current issue of Southern Living Magazine (November 2012) is all about entertaining and hosting big dinners. There is a several-page-spread showing how three different interior designers like to dress up a dining room for a Thanksgiving dinner. Following that is a page of another designer’s tips on setting up a bar.

Sure, the cocktails looked great. But what caught MY eye is the beautiful wallpaper mural behind the bar. It’s a positively gorgeous scene of a pond with water lilies and storks, foliage in the background, all in shades of turquoise and ice blue.

What’s timely is that two members of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers have been posting on our FaceBook page about their recent install of a Zuber brand 21-panels-at-$1000-each hand-painted mural in a dining room, complete with photos.

I have seen a good number of such murals in older River Oaks homes, many of them dating back to when the home was built (1920’s-’40’s). This is a truely classic look that I just love, and I’m glad to see it continuing in traditional styled homes.

The FB page of the NGPP is open to the public, BTW. Discussions tend to get a little technical, but you might want to take a look.

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