Cypress is BOOMING!

Man, there must be something going on in Cypress (approximately 30 miles northwest of downtown Houston).  I sure am getting a LOT of calls from clients in that area.  Just today, three e-mails and two phone calls – one was from a designer who said that she is flooded with work in that area right now, too.  I think I will be looking at five different homes, at least, up there the next time I spend a Sunday giving bids, and I already have several jobs lined up in that area, too.

I think it’s a combination of affordable new homes, safe areas for raising families, and ease of commuting to the city.  Well, OK, Highway 290 can be a bear during rush hour, but it’s a straight shot, and usually flows pretty well.

The Sherwin-Williams paint and wallpaper store on Barker-Cypress has been a friend to me, too.  And a good place to buy wallpaper, too, with a good selection of books and knowledgeable people willing to help you.

Keep the calls coming, Cypress/Fairfield/Copper Lakes.  A lot of paperhangers don’t want to drive outside their comfort zone, but I love exploring new neighborhoods.  Besides, I have friends in Fairfield, and this gives me an excuse to pay them a visit!  🙂

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