Clouds on the Sky, Apple of Daddy’s Eye

This Wallquest paper from the Eco-Chic line went in the bathroom adjoining a nursery. (The baby girl is due in a few weeks.)

There is a stylized tree pattern on the walls, and a coordinating cloud wallpaper for the ceiling. It’s all about PINK!

I normally don’t like wallpaper on the ceiling, because I think it crunches the ceiling down on you. But this light color and minimum pattern, along with the 9′ heigh ceilings, worked just fine.

Speaking of pink, a little aside… The sliding doors of the closet in this bedroom had been removed, leaving the shallow closet open to the room. But this was totally OK, because the closet was so darned CUTE!

All the clothing was wee bitty baby sized, hung neatly in rows, or folded in tidy stacks. The shelves held pretty baby things, and some were “staged” … an attractive shopping bag by itself set at an angle in a cubbyhole with a stuffed doll in front to set it off – that sort of thing.

And everything in that closet was PINK!

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