Sarah 101 and Buggy Wallpaper

Yesterday on HGTV, on the decorating show Sarah 101, the room make over featured wallpaper – on all four walls of a living room. 🙂

I tuned in too late to see the design team’s first choice, but apparently it was a pattern with bugs in it; the homeowner resoundingly disapproved. Now, again, I didn’t see the original choice, but I can tell you, critters, including bugs, on wallpaper is pretty hot trend. And it’s not trendy – people have been loving nature on their walls (and throw pillows, drapes, etc.) for centuries. Check Thibaut’s “Search” feature, and you will find a section specifically for “bugs and insects.”

Bumble bees, in particular, are a classic theme. Check out this Farrow & Ball pattern:

You can find nature-themed designs, such as this by Thibaut: . I hung this very pattern in the Raspberry color, in a Heights area powder room, just last year.

And then there are more whimsical compositions, too.

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