Southern Living and Elegant Dining Room Wallpaper

The Novemer 2012 issue of Southern Living Magazine is all about serving fancy dinners in fancy dining rooms. There is a several-page spread showing how several interior designers have styled their dining spaces.

The largest photo is of a very formal dining room, dominated by an ornate, 10′ tall gilt mirror. The wallpaper is a gold damask. But the show stopper is the ceiling. As the Editor’s Tip says, “Wallpaper the ceiling to give any room more patina and depth of color.”

Wallpaper?! What’s on that ceiling is way beyond regular wallpaper! From the looks of it, I’d say it’s real gold leaf, possibly the Vahallan brand, or something similar. Instead of strips that span the room, it appears to be squares or blocks of material, pieced together in a planned pattern. It looks kind of swirly and cloud-like, but in a gold color. It’s light enough to not crowd in on the room, and the mottely motif certainly adds patina. Truely magnificant.

Check out what Vahallan is up to:

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