Not Quite Ready to Go Back to Work

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us, but I’m not back to work yet. I took the week off to work on outside projects, same as I did last year. Last year I tore out my back deck and a smaller deck under my Live Oak tree. Spent the entire week rebuilding the larger deck and adding outdoor wiring – six light fixtures, three of which operate by switches, five double-gang outlets…. Doesn’t sound like all that much, but each one of those outdoor electrical boxes is quite tedious and labor-intensivee to install.

This year I had multiple smaller projects. I have already rebuilt the retaining wall along the beds by the street, and reconfigured and reinforced the turtle pond. Yesterday was Parade and Feast Day. Today is back to work – Today’s project is building that smaller deck that I tore out last year but ran out of time to build the new one. All materials are purchased, tools are at the ready…I just need to turn off the computer, feed the critters, and get outside and to work!

Tomorrow is for working on my Holiday Newsletter and sorting Christmas gifts…. Which I didn’t get to.  It took too much time “finishing up little things” on the yard projects.  But that’s OK – there’ll be time (at some point) to get to the cards and letter.

At left are shots of the deck, small but three-tiered and sturdy, a nice spot to sit under my Live Oak tree; part of the retaining wall – just let someone try to run over and knock down THAT wall; and finally the turtle pond, not fancy, but functional and hopefully safe from raccoons and other predators, and reinforced with enough concrete block that they can no longer dig under the liner and cause erosion problems.


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