Coincidence of the Day – HCC Wallpaper Class

I met with a number of clients yesterday, measuring and bidding their wallpaper projects. One of the men (doing a mighty fine job of rehabbing a 1905 house in the Heights), said that he has tackled wallpaper in the past, having taken the Houston Community College wallpaper class – some 30 years ago!

Well, I used to teach that class… But I taught starting 25 or so years back, and the man didn’t remember me as the teacher, so must surely he had another instructor back then.

That Owner Builder Center probram, BTW, was run by Tom Tynan, the guy who went on to fame as Houston’s handyman on the radio Saturday mornings.

Indidentally, the client said that he was willing to take on a wallpaper project in the past, based on what he learned in that class, for this new and fabulous rehab, in which they intend to spend the rest of their lives, he wants the work done by a pro. ( Me! )

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