Farrow & Ball Wallpaper – Changing Color??

Farrow & Ball is a upper-end British-made paper, that is somewhat unique because, instead of coloring their paper with ink or dyes, they use paint – the same paints they use for their wall paint. Here is a link to their info about paper and paint content: http://us.farrow-ball.com/Our-wallpapers/content/fcp-content

I carry around a sample of some F&B “Bamboo” paper that I put up in a living room 2-3 years ago. The paper was a nice greyish tan color, with cream stems of bamboo. The photo is on the front page of my website: http://us.farrow-ball.com/Our-wallpapers/content/fcp-content

Now the sample that’s in my folder is definately greyish GREEN. I’m wondering if, since F&B uses paint instead of ink or dye, the colors fade if not exposed to light – like oil based enamel will do on your woodwork.

And if it does, what happens to wallpaper in a room setting? What if one wall gets more light than others? What about furniture set against a wall, blocking light?

The concept of eco-friendly water-based paint is a good idea – but hopefully it will perform well and continue to display the color that the homeowners want in their décor.

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