The Last Corner Never Matches

As you go around the room hanging paper, you match the pattern from strip to strip. However, once you make it all the way around and are back at your starting point, the last corner is never going to match perfectly. (Not unless the distance around the room is an exact multiple of the width of the pattern repeat, which is a chance in about five million.)

So you plot ahead of time to put the last, unmatched corner in the least conspicuous spot, usually over an entry door. With some patterns, there are little tricks you can do to disguise it, but usually you’re just stuck with a somewhat-but-hopefully-not-disagreeable pattern mis-match.

I think this one I did today turned out pretty darned well.

The biggest challenge was keeping the horizontal lines at the same height. You see, walls are never plumb, and corners are never straight. So as you go around the room, the pattern can move up or down on the wall. This one did, too. On the right side of the wall, one of the black horizontal lines was 2 1/4″ from the ceiling, and on the left side of the wall, the lines were at 2.” I wanted the horizontal lines to match up, but moving such a strong visual element up or down can be tricky. Not only do you want them to match each other side-to-side, but you want them to be at the same distance from the ceiling and from the tops of doors and windows. Your eye will definately notice if the distances are off.

What I did today turned out nicely. Can you see the hexagon that is slightly wider than the others, with the double vertical line? The fact that it’s smack in the middle of the corner helps fool the eye.  It doesn’t pop out at you, the horizontal lines match up, and the elements along the top of the door and at the ceiling are equal heights, so the mis-match is not too noticeable.

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