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If This Doesn’t Beat All – Wallpaper With Fringe

November 16, 2012

Put this up and you will DEFINATELY be the only one on the block with it!¬† ūüôā

Clouds on the Sky, Apple of Daddy’s Eye

November 15, 2012

This Wallquest paper from the Eco-Chic line went in the bathroom adjoining a nursery. (The baby girl is due in a few weeks.)

There is a stylized tree pattern on the walls, and a coordinating cloud wallpaper for the ceiling. It’s all about PINK!

I normally don’t like wallpaper on the ceiling, because I think it crunches the ceiling down on you. But this light color and minimum pattern, along with the 9′ heigh ceilings, worked just fine.

Speaking of pink, a little aside… The sliding doors of the closet in this bedroom had been removed, leaving the shallow closet open to the room. But this was totally OK, because the closet was so darned CUTE!

All the clothing was wee bitty baby sized, hung neatly in rows, or folded in tidy stacks. The shelves held pretty baby things, and some were “staged” … an attractive shopping bag by itself set at an angle in a cubbyhole with a stuffed doll in front to set it off – that sort of thing.

And everything in that closet was PINK!

Paperhangers’ Guild Going to be on TV

November 14, 2012

Actually, not the Guild itself, but some members of the Guild (the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, of which I am a member), participated in an Extreme Home Make Over on HGTV.  Here is a post from our Facebook page:

Be sure and set your DVR 11/26/12 at 9 PM ET for this two-hour special and see what your fellow NGPP members in Tennessee did to add color texture and beauty to this home with wallpaper!

My hat is off to these guys!¬† ….¬† I was contacted twice this year to be on TV shows, and turned them down.¬† I was afraid there would not be time enough to do the job the way I would want it done, plus I just work better when it’s nice and quiet and I have plenty of space all to myself.¬† These guys are real pros, so I know they did not cut any corners in the work they did for this family.

The show’s more than a week away … I hope I remember to set my DVR!!

Cypress is BOOMING!

November 13, 2012

Man, there must be something going on in Cypress (approximately 30 miles northwest of downtown Houston).  I sure am getting a LOT of calls from clients in that area.  Just today, three e-mails and two phone calls Рone was from a designer who said that she is flooded with work in that area right now, too.  I think I will be looking at five different homes, at least, up there the next time I spend a Sunday giving bids, and I already have several jobs lined up in that area, too.

I think it’s a combination of affordable new homes, safe areas for raising families, and ease of commuting to the city.¬† Well, OK, Highway 290 can be a bear during rush hour, but it’s a straight shot, and usually flows pretty well.

The Sherwin-Williams paint and wallpaper store on Barker-Cypress has been a friend to me, too.  And a good place to buy wallpaper, too, with a good selection of books and knowledgeable people willing to help you.

Keep the calls coming, Cypress/Fairfield/Copper Lakes.¬† A lot of paperhangers don’t want to drive outside their comfort zone, but I love exploring new neighborhoods.¬† Besides, I have friends in Fairfield, and this gives me an excuse to pay them a visit!¬† ūüôā

Wallpaper Murals and Southern Charm

November 12, 2012

The current issue of Southern Living Magazine (November 2012) is all about entertaining and hosting big dinners. There is a several-page-spread showing how three different interior designers like to dress up a dining room for a Thanksgiving dinner. Following that is a page of another designer’s tips on setting up a bar.

Sure, the cocktails looked great. But what caught MY eye is the beautiful wallpaper mural behind the bar. It’s a positively gorgeous scene of a pond with water lilies and storks, foliage in the background, all in shades of turquoise and ice blue.

What’s timely is that two members of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers have been posting on our FaceBook page about their recent install of a Zuber brand 21-panels-at-$1000-each hand-painted mural in a dining room, complete with photos.

I have seen a good number of such murals in older River Oaks homes, many of them dating back to when the home was built (1920’s-’40’s). This is a truely classic look that I just love, and I’m glad to see it continuing in traditional styled homes.

The FB page of the NGPP is open to the public, BTW. Discussions tend to get a little technical, but you might want to take a look.

Bedroom Accent Wall

November 11, 2012

Accent walls behind the headboard in a bedroom are a big trend right now. It’s a great way to get a lot of WOW for a little money. By doing only one wall, the paper becomes an accent and a focus, but does not overwhelm the room, as this large pattern most surely would if it were on all four walls. And you’re only paying for material and labor for one wall, which is much less than if the whole room were done.

I hung this one recently. I’ve been hanging a lot of Kenneth James patterns lately, and this is one. From Brewster. Pattern # FD58468.

This is some of their “easy to hang, easy to remove” non-woven “green” stuff. It performed OK on this one flat wall, but, since it’s quite stiff, it would be difficult to use in a bathroom or kitchen, where it would have to be cut around details like sinks, toilets and molding, or asked to fold around corners and fur-downs.

Then again, when it’s time to change it, since it’s on a very rugged substrate, simply loosen one corner, pull, and the whole strip will come off in one piece.¬† There should be no scraps left on the wall, and no damage done to the wall’s surface.¬† Can’t beat that.

Super Storm Sandy Effects the Wallpaper Trade

November 10, 2012

I learned today that the Thibaut wallpaper company is back to shipping wallpaper to customers.  Located in New Jersey, the facility was flooded during Super Storm Sandy, and had to shut down operations for a period of time.  That means that a lot of homeowners who had ordered paper and were hoping to get their rooms done this week were SOL.

It’s great that they are up and running again.¬† It’s doubly great that the flooding did not reach their warehouses…¬† I sure don’t want to open any rolls of paper and find water damage or mildew, as I did earlier this summer.

Thibaut is one of my favorite brands, BTW – their traditional papers, that is, not their new “green” krappola.

Quietening Down a Look – Before & After

November 9, 2012

¬†The homeowner, an interior designer, pulled colors from the adjoining bedroom, and painted stripes around the fireplace surround in this sitting rom. It’s a neat look, but just didn’t work in this setting.

So he had me take leftovers from the grasscloth I had hung in the bedroom some years ago, and put it around the fireplace.

Voilà! A much softened look, while still adding texture and interest.

(In the “before” picture, at the top, the white stuff is my primer…I had started priming before I realized I should snap photos.)

Stripping Old Wallpaper

November 8, 2012

There is a link on the right side of this page where I explain how to strip old wallpaper.¬† But since that’s exactly what I spent my time doing today, I thought I would post a few more pics, and give a little more info.

The first step is removing the top layer of paper.¬† I use a 3″ stiff putty knife to get under the paper, they pull off as much as I can.¬† The paper tears, so you will be pulling quite a few bits of paper, to remove one full-length strip.

The top layer seperates and leaves the paper backing still on the wall.  In the second photo, I have started soaking the backing with hot water and a sponge.  You can see the color difference Рonce the backing is thoroughly wet, it changes to a dark tan color.  (Different papers have different colored backings.)

Once it’s good and wet, the paste behind it will be wet, too.¬† Then, if you’re lucky, you will be able to peel the whole sheet off the wall.¬† More often than now, though, you will have to peel smaller pieces, or even use that putty knife to scrape the paper off the wall.

Today, I was lucky, because whoever put the paper up took the time to put a primer or a coat of paint on the wall before putting up the paper.  A coat of something sure makes it easier to get the paper off.  If it had been hung right on top of new Sheetrock, it would have been the Devil to remove.

Contrast photo #2 with photo #3.¬† In #3,¬†you see the homeowner’s original attempt¬†to strip the paper.¬† Without understanding the principles of how to do the job, you can see how the paper is coming off in little bitty pieces, and how many gouges were dug into the wall.¬† All this will have to be repaired before they can have new paper installed, or have the room painted.


November 8, 2012

These photos show termite damage to the Sheetrock. I uncovered these while stripping wallpaper today.

In the top photo is a big chunk that the termites have chewed out of the wall. In the second photo, you can see smaller bites they’ve taken, and you can see how they tunnel through the wall.¬† The black dots are poop.

Luckily, the homeowners were aware of the termite problem, and had treatments long ago. The damage you see is old damage, and the house does not currently have live termites.