Serene Reading Room

Digital ImageDigital ImageIn this room, just two opposite bottom walls were papered.  The original was a poorly-matched and improperly-prepped faux marble pattern.  A little outdated, peeling up, and ready to go.  I stripped the paper, then floated the walls smooth, primed, and hung the new paper.

This pattern has a very tiny dot / squiggle design to it, which was veeery hard to match, let alone see.  It wasn’t really noticeable at all if it was mis-matched, but I know a little trick to matching such a pattern… Instead of trying to find the actual match by laying one strip beside the next strip, on a Straight Across pattern, you know that every strip starts with the same design element.  So i just made sure that the same “dot” was at the top of each strip.  Yes, the near-microscopic dots were danged hard to see, but once your eye gets accustomed to seeing it, it can be found.  Besides, once I knew how to match it, it would have been nearly impossible to ignore that and take the short cut.

The other interesting thing about this job is that I “railroaded” the paper – ran each strip horizontally, instead of vertically.  You can do that with non-directional patterns, and it eliminates seams (less potential for visual distruption of the pattern, less chance of curling seams), and is faster.  So, two long strips per wall, instead of eight short strips.

The outcome is a serene sitting room.  The muted teal color goes really well with the wall color and the chair, and the theme works well with the clean-lined side table.


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