Wallpaper and Galleria Traffic -Arrrrgh!

I have a week-long job near the Galleria. Since I live near downtown, I am usually going opposite the flow of traffic, and usually have an easy trip home, even during rush hour. Not so when anywhere near the Galleria, especially not around Christmas time. (The Galleria is a huge, somewhat posh, shopping center in a rather trendy part of town, with lots of office buildings surrounding it.)

San Felipe is usually a “sleeper sneaker” street for me – quick, uncongested. It’s one block from my house, and one block from the client’s house – with a couple miles of TRAFFIC in between.

Twice this week, I was unfortunate enough to leave work at exactly 5:00 pm. I could’nt believe that it took 25 MINUTES to get from San Felipe and Bering to San Felipe and Loop 610, and another 10 MINUTES to get past the Target and the rail road tracks. Once past the tracks, things opened up pretty much, and traffic started moving again.

According to http://www.wildtexas.com/travel-calculator.php , it’s 3.5 miles, and 11 minutes. Factor in a little rush hour traffic, and you’ve got 3.5 miles and 45 minutes! Arrrrrgh! Good thing I’ve got my Satellite Radio to keep me company (and sane!).

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