More on Watercoloring Seams

When I hit Texas Art Supply to buy paint to color in split seams as described below, I was careful to pick colors that matched the wallpaper as closely as possible.   The thing is, some paints dry darker than when first painted on the wall, and others dry lighter.  Here’s a good explanation of that.   And we all know that you can’t go by the paper color sample the manufacturer slaps on the top of the bottle.

In the case I talked about yesterday, although the paint in the bottle matched the paper exactly, I thought it was drying a little darker, and it was enough to show as much as the white wall showing before I started.

I couldn’t lighten the paint because I didn’t have any white paint in the truck, so I improvised by mixing some clean water into the paint.  This diluted paint was light enough to color in the seams, yet still stick to the wall.  Mission accomplished!

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