Buy What You Need to Do the Job

I was at the Montrose Sherwin Williams the other day, and overheard a woman asking the S-W guy about wallpaper adhesives, tools, and the like. So I went over and gave a little advice.

I also suggested she use a primer. Now, right in front of her on the shelf were two varieties of primers designed specifically for wallpaper – the S-W brand and the Roman’s brand called R-35, and I pointed these out to her. Then I mentioned that I, myself, use KILZ.

Immediately, she said that she would use KILZ, and that she had a can of it at home. I said, “There are several types of KILZ, you really want to be sure you are using the right one … But why not remove all doubt and buy a gallon of primer made specifically for wallpaper, right in front of you on the shelf?”

She insisted that she had bought the most expensive KILZ, and that therefore it must be the right product. Then she hurried out of the store and on to her wallpaper project.


When people have experts right in front of them, and have been given expert advice, why oh why do they not listen??

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2 Responses to “Buy What You Need to Do the Job”

  1. Catie Says:

    When you get the answer to that question you’ll be able to sell it for millions of dollars and retire, just after your talk show circuit!

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    That is from Catherine Belan, owner of Broadman Design / Build, and a fabulous remodeler. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to add on or update his home.

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