Scarily Skinny Grasscloth

Digital Image Grasscloth, a very popular wallpaper choice right now, is lightweight stuff, but bulky. Bolts are 3′ long and about 5″ in diameter. The backing is somewhat “puffy,” and the real grass fibers imbedded in the product add lots of thickness.

I freaked when I saw this 2″ diameter roll of grasscloth – I thought they had sent us single rolls. which would mean we would have half the amount needed. So I unrolled and measured – sure enough, it’s the proper 24′ long. Whew!

It’s the thinnest grasscloth I’ve ever worked with. I was worried that the backing might oversaturate with paste, and delaminate from the surface, but the material is tough and holds up well during installation. And it’s thin enough to turn corners well, which not all grass does.

I’m finding that I like it a lot. I’ll finish the room tomorrow, and hopefully will have photos. So far, the homeowner LOVES it!

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