The 10 Hour, 7 Window Wall

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital Image You can never count on walls and windows and doors being plumb or level, and even slight variances of as little as 1/4″ can be noticeable when working with a pattern like this. Keeping a geometric trellis pattern straight along the ceiling and the floor is hard enough, but toss in seven – yes, SEVEN – untrimmed windows with returns that need to be wrapped, none of which are the same width at the top as at the bottom, and it can make for a devilishly long day.

I hung the rest of this kitchen yesterday, and spent an entire 10 hours today on just this one Wall of Windows.

My patience and perservence were worth it – in most places, the pattern straight on the wall, and where it didn’t, it was not noticeable. At the end of those 10 hours, the room looked great, and the clients loved it.

Incidentally, this is the third time I’ve hung this wallpaper in less than a year. The other two times it was a black-on-off white colorway.  People are really loving the geometrics coming out these days.

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One Response to “The 10 Hour, 7 Window Wall”

  1. wallelf Says:

    Looks great! I think by the end of a day like that, my last nerve would have been severely pinched 🙂 Having customers who appreciate, and are able to actually see the care you take to get it right, goes a long way to making days like this worthwhile.

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