Floating Over Glossy Paint

Digital Image Here I’m skim-floating the top of a dining room wall, so it will be smooth for the new wallpaper. The painters had spray painted the chair rail, and a band of gloss paint had gotten onto the textured wall. In floating over the texture in this room, it was interesting to note that:

1. The new joint compound (mud) dried much more quickly in areas that were not painted. This is because the existing texture on the wall, which is also made of mud, absorbed moisture from the new coat of mud, which quickened drying time.

2. The glossy paint was slick, and didn’t hold the wet mud well. Joint compound is sticky stuff, and I have no worries about it staying nice and tight on the wall once it’s dry.

In the photo, you can see the noticable difference between the areas with gloss paint underneath, and with untreated texture / joint compound underneath.

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