“We’ll Have the Painters Do the Prep for You” – Please DON’T!

This bathroom had textured walls that needed to be smoothed out, to keep the bumps from showing under the wallpaper. The painters / handymen offered to float the walls (trowel on “plaster”) and smooth them. Of course, they were eager to make the extra money.

But think about it – what does a PAINTER know about what’s needed for WALLPAPER?! Would you hire a heart specialist to remove a bad molar? These guys did a fairly good job – nut I would have done much better.

You can see that much of the wall space is not smooth. And, yes, those little bumps and ridges WILL show under the paper. But most important is the areas around the edges, like at the baseboards and moldings. If wallpaper is going to lift up, most likely it’s going to lift at the seams or at these areas. So you can see that the work done here, with jagged “drop offs” as I call them, at the edges is not a stable surface for the paper to grab hold of and hold tight to.

I have a special technique I use for getting into corners and next to wooden trim, that ensures a smooth, flat “bed for the paper to lie in.” So, homeowners, next time, let ME do the prep for the wallpaper. NO ONE preps like I do, and NO ONE preps as well as I do.


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