Vahallan Installation Today

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageI hung an interesting paper in a powder room today. It’s made by a company called Vahallan.

This company makes unique papers of various types, but basically the idea is that the paper comes in shapes or chunks, instead of strips, and are overlapped on the wall. The paper itself is wrinkly with a base color and then one or two additional colors washed on top. See the blue piece in the first photo. When the paper dries, it pulls tight to the wall, and the outline of the pieces below it can be seen. The effect is something like alligator skin, or, in today’s case, a marbled wall.

I’ve done lots of this type of paper, but in the style with the random shapes, which get put up pretty much any old place on the wall you feel like. this gives an earthy look to the room.

Today I worked with different sized squares and rectangles, and I kept all the edges level and plumb, but made sure to NOT have all the edges line up with one another. It’s important to not overlap in the same direction with every piece.

With the slight sheen on the paper, the room had the appearance of being clad in polished stone.

In the first photo, you see me pasting the back side of the paper, with a sample of the front of the paper on the right. In the second shot, I am working my way down the wall, positioning the blocks of paper. The third photo gives a bit of an idea of how a small square is pieced in, to fill an empty space.

And by the time I finished the room, it was dark outside, so the final shot is too dark to see the beauty of the room. But it was gorgeous, and the homeowners loved it. Even the man, who had insisted he didn’t like wallpaper. Well, this Vahallan product is so unique, it’s nothing like traditional wallpaper. The paper really enhanced the look of the room.

Here’s the link to the manufacturer.


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