Wallpaper in BH&G

The current (March 2013) issue of Better Homes & Gardens has wallpaper featured prominently on two pages.  Pg. 66 has a story on organizing closets, and the wall outside the closet is prettily papered in a calming cream colored branch-and-leaf pattern on pale blue background.  Many of the colors inside and outside the closet are tan tones – this is a popular color theme these days, and very serene.

In a feature article “Rooms in Bloom,” on Pg. 54, they make the suggestion to use a “roll of wallpaper trimmed to the width of the headboard creates a focal point without being a big-time commitment.”

Most likely it is a couple of strips next to one another, because I don’t know of any wallpaper that is wider than a bed!  And it looks as if they ran the strips all the way up to the ceiling, although I think it would look fine if you went only part way up.  It does look a little unfinished, though, so I would suggest using some wooden trim to build a frame around it.

The pattern was from the collection by McGegan Rose, which looks like it’s a British paper.  And, at $186 a single roll, it sure sounds like something of a big-time commitment to me!   🙂

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