Paperhanger Dumps Client with One Day’s Notice

I just got a call from a gal desperately seeking a wallpaper installer. She said the guy she had scheduled to come do the job tomorrow had just cancelled on her. Ouch!

Well, I can’t judge the guy because I don’t know the sitution. He could have a medical or family emergency, wrecked his work truck, realized the job was too difficult – who knows? It’s a bad way to leave a client, though.

I have only done that one time, that I can remember, and that was because another client deviously manipulated me into doing more rooms for her than originally scheduled. Sorry, I know you’re not supposed to bad-mouth clients on a blog, but she REALLY pulled some tricky stuff, and REALLY made me angry. Not to mention screwed up my work schedule, which affected my other clients.

Anyway, if a workman ever finds himself in this situation, it’s really best to not just dump the client, but to offer some alternatives. For instance, offer a new date when he can do the work, or have the names of other reliable installers who might be able to come sooner.

In the instance of the lady who called this morning, I am booked up and not able to help her, but I did refer her to three installers who might be available, and told her that I can recommend others if she needs them.

Hopefully, she’ll find someone who can get her bathroom done, and she will have her decorating project finished on time.

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