Manufacturers Can’t Cut Their Paper Straight

Digital ImageDigital ImageSee the little bit of gapping in both these photos? In some areas, the wallpaper strips butted together nicely; in others, there were gaps.  (The pattern mis-match is another issue, and is addressed in another post.)

Thisgapping/overlapping is pretty common, because most manufacturers can’t cut their papers absolutely straight. In fact, I once called a manufacturer and asked why they didn’t cut their striped papers along the stripes, because then you would never see a seam. The reply was that they can’t guarantee that they can cut the paper straight!

In this case, the gaps were a bit more noticeable than usual, because the paper was made from a non-woven substrate, which is one of the new “green” innovations dreamed up by manufacturers of late. These papers are also attractive to DIY’ers because they strip off the wall in one piece. But they are thick and unpliable, which makes it difficult to push seams together or manipulate the paper to minimize this gapping.

So, you are left with small gaps here and there between strips. In this case, in a kid’s bathroom, with a busy family that’s not too picky, it’s not a big deal. But with a darker paper or a more fastidious client, these gaps could be cause for concern.

This is an Amy Butler design #50-152 for Graham and Brown wallpapers.

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One Response to “Manufacturers Can’t Cut Their Paper Straight”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Hey Julie. Are you using the paste the wall method on these papers?

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