Wallpaper in Midwest Living Magazine

the June 2011 issue of Midwest Living (Yes, I’m a little behind on my reading.) has an article about “10 ways to perfect a powder room.” No fewer than four of the ten rooms pictured has wallpaper. Here’s what they have to say:

“Cover the Walls. Overscale wallpaper or bold paint colors work here because of the ‘confined’ wall area. You can make a statement in this room you might be hesitant to make in a larger room. Limited wall space means expensive designer wallpaper … is affordable. You can also safely use grass cloth because there are no worries about moisture.”

Yeaaay! Another design article moving people to decorate with wallpaper. In one of their photos, the pattern was subtle, a tone-on-tone overall damask look. Another was a large scale lattice. A third had very large (football-sized) zebras dancing against a chocolate brown background. All of them looked great.

I totally agree with the statement about daring to do something somewhat wild in a powder room. I call them “Drama Rooms.” They’re easy to live with in small doses, and when you’re not in the room, you simply close the door and the motif does not interfere with the style of the rest of the home.

And it’s amazing how well overscaled patterns work in small spaces.

Ditto the notation about the small space requiring less material, so it’s more affordable to decorate a powder room than a larger room.

I definitly do NOT agree with the comment about using grasscloth or silk or other fabric in a powder room. True, humidity is not an issue because no one will be showering in there. But water splashing on the walls when someone washes his hands or reaches for a towel will – WILL – stain the paper over time. There are faux grasscloth materials that mimic the look of the real stuff, or, another option is to use a sealer to prevent / reduce staining.

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