Wait to Measure Until AFTER the Paper is Purchased?

I have an appointment to measure and quote a job today. The client just called to ask if it wouldn’t be better if I waited and came out AFTER she has her paper in hand.

No, no, NO, people!! The paperhanger comes out FIRST, to measure and tell you how much to buy!!

So many people try to measure on their own, going by something they read in the front of wallpaper books or on the Internet or something someone in the paint store told them. Invariably, about 50% of these figures are WRONG.

Measuring for wallpaper is tricky, and goes beyond the square footage of the room, involving factors like room layout, window size and placement, pattern match, repeat,brand of wallpaper, type of wallpaper, on an on.

Please, leave measuring and figuring how many rolls to buy to the pros!


One Response to “Wait to Measure Until AFTER the Paper is Purchased?”

  1. David Says:

    Amen, sister! Your thesis is just as true as it pertains to any craftsperson’s career as it is in your case, Art is art, and its patrons need to respect it.

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