Sorta Sad Way to Get New Work

I got a call from a contractor today for whom I hung 20 rolls in a client’s hallway just two weeks ago. Hmmm. Worried. But right off the bat he assured that that nothing was wrong with the job I had just finished for him. Whew!

However, there WAS something wrong – very wrong – in that same house in that same room.

They discovered that water had been leaking into one exterior wall for decades, and had wet the Sheetrock, rotted the studs, and bred mold, all deep inside the wall. Bottom line – the entire wall has to be torn out and rebuilt. Including the beautiful wallpaper I had just installed.

The plus side is, it was a beautiful pattern, nice paper to work with, and the homeowners were lovely people. AND… the contractor has guys who will carry my bulky table and 50lb bucket of paste up the stairs for me!

The contractor is Kevin Topek, of Permaculture Design Yes, a landscaper. But it turns out that working around people’s homes, he’s picked up skills to do much more than outside yard work. AND…his clients know and trust him, and know that he does tasks well. So when home repair issues arrise, many of his clients depend on him to help them. I do have to say, the work he did previously in this home (flooding due to a burst water heater) was better than many of the “professional” remodel / rehabbers out there.

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