Flaw of the Day – Spots & Smudges on Thibaut Trellis

In the first photo, small but noticeable dots mar the wallpaper. In the second photo, you see a different type of dot. These first two came off the roll like this.

In the third shot, what happened is, the paper went up beautifully and looked perfect. But as I did a final smoothing with my brush, this smudge appeared from out of nowhere. It is some kind of tar, and would not wipe off. I had to replace the strip. This happened three times today.

My rags are absolutely clean, my brush and other tools are spanking clean. All I can think is that the small dots you see in the first two phots were composed of this tarry stuff, and when they got run over with the brush, they were scratched open, and the tar was released.

It ruined a several 4′ long strips.

Thibaut wallpaper pattern #T-1801

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