Pretty Peacocks in Silver & Gold

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageWell, I can fit myself into a tiny powder room, but it’s darned hard to get far enough back to take a good photograph. But you get the idea.

This is a pre-pasted paper.  When it comes to pre-pasted goods, I much prefer paper to vinyl wallcoverings … Luckily we seem to be moving away from those, at least once you get away from the very low-end papers. The brand is Imperial.

Hard to see, but it’s a soft pewter / gold color on a cream background. This powder room was under a stairway that hit a landing and made a turn, so the sloped ceiling went in two different directions, plus there was a small 2’x3′ flat ceiling over the vanity (seen in Photos 1 & 3).

The room was originally papered in a black paper with colorful flowers all over it; it was quite busy, and the dark paper on the ceiling really closed the room in. This quiet two-toned pattern worked much better.  The homeowner remarked on how much larger the room looked with the lighter paper.

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