Shading in Grasscloth – Again

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThe instruction sheet comes right out and says that you can expect shading and paneling in grasscloth, and claims that it is part of the beauty of the product. I beg to differ. I don’t think this looks good at all.

Compounding the issue is edges that got banged up during shipping. Since it’s a metallic paper, every bend or bang shows more than on a more muted color.

Reversing the strips (hanging one right-side-up and the next one upside-down) didn’t help. In addition, when I tried reversing strips, I had pretty bad gapping at the bottom left of the strip, and wrinkling at the upper right. I think the paper wasn’t cut straight, in addition to getting a poor dye job.

It’s very hard to see these shading issues when the paper is dry and on the table.  In this case, I laid the strips out side-by-side on the floor, rearranging them, trying to find ensure that the strips were the same color.  Everything looked pretty good.  But once it goes up, the shading and uneven dye is much more noticeable.

This paper is by Thibaut.

Although the sales rep has not been too communicative, it’s “pretty” certain that the company will replace the paper or refund the customer’s money.  Getting them to pay for my labor to strip and rehang the wall is another matter.

I have another customer who is looking at a metallic Thibaut grasscloth.  I’ll make sure she reads this post, and that we inspect the paper prior to hanging, and that the client sees it as it goes up, and approves.

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2 Responses to “Shading in Grasscloth – Again”

  1. Rick Amburgey Says:

    I had a situation where the customer had 2 different dye lots. I paneled the wall to make it look striped.
    Rick, Paper Tiger

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    that comment is from my paperhanger buddy Rick Amburgey, the Paper Tiger, who is based up in the Woodlands, north of Houston. A good paperhanger and a good guy. Rick, I have sent a few clients your way recently; I hope they called you. One yesterday was for a large commercial installation.

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