Bat Wallpaper Arrived – And Nicely Packaged, Too

Digital ImageMy “Bat & Poppy” Voysey design by Trustworth Studios arrived today. It’s GORGEOUS! 

I can’t wait to put it up, plus I’m doing some other changes to that powder room (new sink from an antique music cabinet & old porcelain bowl), as well as redoing my entry wallpaper with an authentic paper from the 1940’s (blogged about previously). Just need to find a coupla days when I’m not busy hanging paper at someone ELSE’s house.

Please note the careful attention to packaging by the Trustworth company. I have NEVER seen anyone, even very high end products, use packing peanuts before. Thibaut, Schumacher, Seabrook, Graham & Brown, Astex, Phillip Jefferies and all the rest should take a note. If everyone were this careful, we wound not have to deal with banged edges or other damaged goods.

I’ll be sure to post as the decorating project moves ahead.

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2 Responses to “Bat Wallpaper Arrived – And Nicely Packaged, Too”

  1. David Says:

    Wow, that IS gorgeous! Can’t wait to see a shot of the installation.

  2. Robin Says:

    Please post photos of installation. I am considering using papers from Trustworth (including Bat and Poppy) and it would be great to see it in situ before I make the investment. Thanks!

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