Flaw of the Day – Spots and Banged Edges

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageCome on, Thibaut, you know better… Put a little bubble wrap around the ends of the rolls before stuffing them into the shipping box! I don’t know what’s the explanation for the dots or the dirt, but at least they were just on the first few inches. The banged edges went many, many feet into the roll.

Because this paper had a sheen, along with a rather plain pattern, and becasuse the bashed ends were pretty severe, I almost sent it back. But that would have postponed the job until new paper could be ordered and shipped, and until I had anothe opening on my work schedule.

Instead, what I did was, before cutting anything, I made sure we would have enough acceptable paper to do the wall. To do this, I unrolled the paper and rerolled it backwards, so the banged edges were at the inside of the roll, and the paper coming off first was somewhat better.

I plotted out how many strips I would need, factoring in the drop match (every other strip started with a different pattern element). I needed six strips, and you get two 9′ strips from each 27″ wide double roll (usually). With the undamaged paper now coming off the roll first, I marked and measured and made sure that I could get six full strips of undamaged paper.

Only then did I cut my strips. You see, if I would have to send the paper back, manufacturers usually won’t accept it if it’s been cut.

Some of the strips did end up having some banged edges, but, since these had come from deep inside the roll, they were not as bad as those on the outer edges. Besides, these usually flatten out pretty well once they are pasted, hung, and dried. And, the home owner said she was “not that picky.” (I like to make the home owner aware of questionalble situations, and get her OK before going ahead with the installation.)

It all worked out nicely, and the finished wall looks great. I’ll post a photo tomorrow.

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