Thibaut Damask in Collage Gal’s Room

Digital Image Here’s an accent wall in a college girl’s bedroom. Everything in the room is in soft greys and muted tans, and the overall effect was soothing and sophisticated.

Usually, I center a large pattern like this on the wall. But in this room, the bed was not placed in the middle of the wall, but a little off to the right. So I had to figure out how far the bed sat from the wall (difficult since it had been pulled out into the middle of the room to make way for my ladder), and then find the center of that. Then, since the pattern was centered on the 27″ wide strip, I had to draw my plumb line 13.5″ to the right of that.

The pattern was not equally balanced on either side of the room, but it was centered behind the headboard, and that was the goal, as the headboard was the main focal point of that wall.

This wallpaper is by Thibaut.

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