Guess Which Pattern Will Be Easier to Match?

Digital ImageThe lattice pattern is going in a young gal’s bedroom (accent wall behind the bed), and the tiny dots are going in her adjoining bathroom.

I was mighty happy when I saw that the designer of the lattice pattern did not run the pattern across the edges of the paper. Since nothing has to be matched from strip to strip, it makes it MUCH easier to keep the pattern straight at the ceiling, because I can put the top element right at the ceiling line on every strip.

You see, if the paper is hung true to plumb, but the ceiling is not level, and each strip has to be matched to the next, it will look like the design is traveling up or down hill from the ceiling. But with this pattern, since I am able to place the design exactly at the top of the wall with each strip, even if the ceiling is not level, you will never notice.

I have a feeling that this topic is confusing to someone who has never hung wallpaper. But I’m sure my paperhanger buddies out there know exactly what I mean.

The pattern is #CM2382 by designer Antonia Vella for York Wallcoverings, one of my favorite manufacturers.

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