Paste Wrinkles Wallpaper

Digital ImageSometimes in this job, you have to learn to be patient, and to trust. Once in a while, the wallpaper substrate, the inks used, and other factors, cause the paste to be absorbed differently on different parts of the paper. This can cause wrinkles and buckles, as you see in the photo.  We call this quilting or waffling.

This is one reason why the booking period is crucial. “Booking” means folding the paper up, with the pasted side to the pasted side, and then letting it sit for a few minutes. This allows the paper to absorb the paste, expand with the moisture, shrink a little, and become supple.

Lightly dampening the front helps, too, by allowing the surface ink to absorb moisture at the same time the backing is doing the same thing.

Usually, wrinkles like this are gone by the time the strip gets to the wall. Occasionally, they persist. But, paticence pays off… Almost always, once the paper is good and dry, the wrinkles and bubbles disappear.

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