From Childhood to Sophistication

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageSome years back, I had papered this girl’s bathroom in the blue circles you see at left.  Now she’s older and wants something more adult.

The circle paper was in perfect condition, and it stripped off quite nicely, BTW, and left the walls in perfect shape, thanks to my use of a good primer.   I didn’t even need to reprime!

I was a little surprised when the 15-year-old picked out this rather plain herringbone / tweed pattern in a muted grey.  Most teens want something wild and colorful.  But this gal wanted something calmer, and she has quite a sense of style.  There will be a huge round mirror with a wide wooden frame in a dark grey color over the sink.  That will really “make the room,” as they say.

Once the adjoining bedroom is painted in a complementary grey, and new curtains and bedding arrive, the bedroom suite will have a soothing feel, and be quite sophisticated.

The wallpaper is by Designers Wallpaper.

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