Another Faux Grasscloth Today

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageAll this week, I’ve hung soft neutral-toned textured wallpapers. Here is another fake grasscloth, this time by Thibaut (pattern #839-T-6815). This client was excited about putting grasscloth in her powder room, because she loves the look and the texture. But, seeing a sink right against the wallpaper, and messy young children in the house, I advised against real grasscloth. She took my advice, went to see Dorota at Southwestern Paint / Benjamin Moore on Bissonnet at Wakeforest, and found this winner.

It’s another thick, heavy, textured paper. But, unlike yesterday’s paper-backed vinyl, this one has a woven fabric backing, much like canvas. (See second photo, bottom right corner.) This woven fabric backing helped prevent the slight curl at the seam edges that I blogged about yesterday.

The first photo shows the primed wall, before wallpaper installation. The others show how the room looked once it was finished. On the close-up, note how realistic the pattern and color are, and the texture that you can feel.

The seams were positively invisible. To help disguise any paneling, I reverse-hung the strips. (Hung one right side up, the next one upside down, and the next one right side up, and so on. If there is a slight variation in color from the right to left side of the roll of paper, this prevents an abrupt change in color.)

The room turned out great, and has a tailored yet serene feel. And best of all, this paper will hold up to water splashes, kids’ dirty hand prints, little boys’ poor aim, and is quite scrubbable, too.

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