Using Wallpaper Patterns – BH&G Magazine York Wallcoverings Tips

Re my post yesterday about the house full of wallpaper, that belongs to the owners of the York Wallcoverings company, here are some tips quoted from the article:

“Grasscloth, a big trend in wallcoverings and Cary’s choice for walls throughout the mail level, adds warmth and texture without pattern. ‘It’s an example of using wallpaper as “supporting actress” in a space.’

“Balance a bold pattern with solid-color somethings … a sofa, beddings, curtains. If you plan to hang art, a wider neutral mat or backdrop is a must.

“A powder room is a perfect place to try a large-scale pattern. ‘You’re not staring at it 24/7, an you don’t have to worry about many accessories. It’s more like it’s a great surprise when someone walks in.’

“Lots of white tames the [wild] floral wallpaper. ‘When you have a giant, crazy pattern on the walls, you have to back off on the fabric.’ ”

In this bedroom, there is solid white bedding and a huge solid white upholstered headboard, to stand out against the crazy floral.

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