Murals Go Up in Panels

Digital ImageDigital ImageMost classic photo wall murals come in eight panels, rather than rolls or strips. They go on the wall four across the top, with another row of four below them.

Although they are numbered on the back, I like to lay them out on the floor, to be sure I have the right sequence.

Here you can see the first three panels in place on the wall. I started with Panel 3, at the top center of the wall, butted against a plumb line. Panel 4 went directly below it, also butted against the plumb line. These murals are meant to be overlapped a little at the seams, rather than butted, as most wallpapers are.  And don’t worry about the blotchy background – it will disappear as the mural dries.

Panels 5 and 6 were hung next, to the right of the first two panels. Then Panels 7 and 8 were hung next to them, and finally I moved to the left and installed Panels 1 and 2. See why it’s a good idea to lay them out on the floor first?!

The second photo shows the finished mural.

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