Don’t Let the Classy Website & Bog Fool You – I’m NOT Expensive!

I got a call from a guy today who said he really loved my website (, as well as this blog.

But then he said that as he read about me, looked at the Gallery, and read my blog posts, he started to fear that I’m some kind of Wonder Woman of Wallpaper, and that my prices must be out of his reach.

Well, not true! For Houston wallpaper installations, I think my prices fall pretty much in the middle. You can definitely find someone cheaper, by reading the Greensheet or by pulling business cards off the bulletin board at Home Depot, for instance. And then there are the really high-end paperhangers, who routinely handle imported, hand-painted silk murals, or other really expensive materials.

Well, I like having the know-how and skill to hang those types of papers, and I’m always striving to learn more about my craft.

But to be honest, I much prefer working with the average priced papers (not the cheap stuff, though), and I love working for the every-day people in typical all-American homes (including foreign-born clients, too!)

Back to the man who called me today… being familiar with his style of home, I was able to ballpark some prices for him over the phone. Turns out that my estimate was exactly what he had in mind as a budget for his project!

So don’t let a fancy website or photos of beautiful rooms keep you from calling or e-mailing me. Most likely, your project is exactly the type I’d love to do!

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