A Little Paint to Hide the White Primer

Digital ImageToday, I “floated” the textured wall, to smooth it. When I do this, I like to push the joint compound (“mud”) into the joint between the wall and the crown molding, baseboards, and doors. Then I run my finger along the edge, to create “a good smooth bed for the wallpaper to lie in.” Then I sand smooth, and prime with my white pigmented primer.

The problem arises when both the woodwork and the wallpaper are dark, as in this home. Sometimes, you can end up with a little narrow white line at the top and bottom of the wall, where the mud and/or primer reach further than the paper.

So what I did today was to take some dark paint and color in the area where the wallpaper would meet the molding, so ensure that no white peeked out.

On the right of the photo, you see the baseboard with the mud and primer on it. In the middle of the photo, I have wiped off any excess mud. And on the left, the brown paint has been applied.

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