Large Medallion Pattern in a Powder Room

Digital ImageDigital ImageWhen I first consulted with the homeowner, she feared this pattern would be too large for her powder room, or too dark. I encouraged her to go for it, and, boy, it sure looks great! The scale is perfect, and, despite the dark color, she made the comment that the wallpaper actually makes the room look larger than it did when it was just painted.

She also said that wallpaper adds warmth and personality in a way that paint simply cannot.

In a room like this, usually I would center the pattern over the sink. But because the large mirror would take up most of the space above the pedestal sink, the homeowner asked me to center the pattern on the longest wall, rather than over the sink.  Oddly enough, by the time I worked myself around a few walls, the pattern centered itself behind the toilet!

The paper is milk chocolate brown with silver and ocher-lime green medallions and swirls. This pattern is #DL30440 by Decorline, and was in the HGTV book by Sherwin-Williams.

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One Response to “Large Medallion Pattern in a Powder Room”

  1. decoratedbathroom Says:

    Love the wallpaper. One of our decorated sinks would go great in this bathroom. Please check them out at

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