Plastic Sheeting Keeps Dust Out of the Client’s Home

Digital ImageDigital ImageI hung wallpaper on one wall of this room (called an “accent wall”). Typical to Houston, the home had texture on the walls. Texture looks horrible under wallpaper, so I “skim float” the walls first, to smooth them.

This involves troweling on joint compound (kinda like plaster), letting it dry, and then sanding it smooth. Even when using “dustless” joint compound, there is dust. Believe me – there is dust!

So I use plastic sheeting to create a “tent,” to contain the dust to just a few feet along the wall where I’m working. I tack it to the ceiling, do my sanding, and when all the dust is vacuumed up and the walls are wiped with a damp sponge, the plastic comes down.

Voilà! The rest of the room is nice and clean and dust-free.

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